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Nine Alignments: GOI Balls Edition by Ying-silverfish Nine Alignments: GOI Balls Edition :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 18 4 Practice Meh by Ying-silverfish Practice Meh :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 2 0 Business partners by Ying-silverfish Business partners :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 9 8 GOCK by Ying-silverfish GOCK :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 6 2 All world die in Fifth by Ying-silverfish All world die in Fifth :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 8 2 ORIA by Ying-silverfish ORIA :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 6 0
How not to Evil in Foundation-verse
Ryin here, hmm. Lemme see……how the heck is this story supposed to work?
Like, the Skip OC threw a tantrum and was REWARDED instead of reasonably punished? Humanoid skips are not supposed to be treated as humans, even if they are biologically the same as baseline humans-
"But I don’t want Foundation to be an evil Hive-Mind! You told me not to write it! Now you are just being mean!"  
Hmmm……thinking about that, I do believe I have something to say about the topic of evil, stemming from reflection on my own critiques.
You see, if a young girl was in front of me, and someone told me that she should be treated as an object because she was different from most of humanity in some aspects, I would call it bullshit. Many of us would do the same, because we had never seen what was so “different” about her; she looked and behaved just like us, after all, and she had feelings.
However, if this young girl was a Euclid-Class skip in someone&
:iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 2 17
Circus of Disquieting by Ying-silverfish Circus of Disquieting :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 14 6 Foundy by Ying-silverfish Foundy :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 7 12
A random theory about Fifth
First thing first; I do not get antimemetic well. There is a vague idea after reading the whole series of tale concerning antimemetic, but apart from it eating away information, concepts and ultimately, existence, I’m terribly sketchy on details. Perhaps the antimemetic is at work here, who knows.
So, I wrote a very flowery prose to convey the idea better.
-Do you know constellations? When stars are connected by minds, they form lines and shapes that people give names to.
-Now, imagine a void, a Fifth-shaped hole in the universe, with the shape of a huge starfish. If you see it, it will come to you, caress you, and let you rise above reality like smokes above water. But you can never see a void, because there is nothing there to show its shape, its face within the cosmic ocean, right?
-So, it sings out to the stars. The stars are drawn near it, like fireflies, and one by one, they started to form the outline of the void. When they finally fall into position
:iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 2 4
Nalka by Ying-silverfish Nalka :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 17 2 WHAT AM I DOING by Ying-silverfish WHAT AM I DOING :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 8 6 The Ancients: Adytum Empire by Ying-silverfish The Ancients: Adytum Empire :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 12 4 Noncon Bubbles and pointless Mumble by Ying-silverfish Noncon Bubbles and pointless Mumble :iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 8 8
A brief character bio of Field Agent Meng
Meng’s full name is Huang Zi Meng (surname in front).  
He is in his forties, with a wife and a son. He was slightly chubby, has prominent cheekbones and jawlines, and of average height but has wide shoulder. He wears black-framed glasses with a cheap jacket and jeans, and occasionally, tie and a worn suit during formal business. 
Meng operates an antique shop near the largest art market in a city, which acts as a safe-house and working place for intelligence agents and retrieved anomalous items. Due to the city being near coastline, and is rather prominent in terms of economic and cultural activities, his job to keep track on Anart trade and smuggled anomalous objects is quite important.
He is a local and one of the ethnic minorities from the rural parts between two provinces, inside the mountains and grew up as one of the children who sold hand-made crafts to tourists, with his father working as a tour guide. However, he belongs to one of those ethnics that has b
:iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 0 2
The Briefest Explanation of Memetic and Stuffs
Memetic = psychic power? No.
Memetic = things that make you go insane? Partially correct, but not always.
Memetic = an aura of magical bullshit? No.
Memetic = the word I sprinkled in at random to make my SCP articles seem more badass? No, and seriously, stop.
Memetic = Starfish and Fifth? You will see later.
Memetic is the transfer and mutation of information, specifically cultural information. In Foundation-verse, it means that you must understand the information for its anomalous effects to work.
Let’s say there is a memetic graffiti of one sunglasses, with the phrase “Deal with it” besides the drawing. After seeing it, you will start to compulsively draw sunglasses everywhere while telling everyone about how awesome this “deal with it” phrase is and its origin.
Its memetic effect is centered around the actual meme it is based on, thus it will only work on people who have seen the “deal with it” phrase and understand that it is an inte
:iconying-silverfish:Ying-silverfish 4 4


Hand of Serpents [Art Trade] by SuperFlameKitty Hand of Serpents [Art Trade] :iconsuperflamekitty:SuperFlameKitty 9 5
Aim for Boring: My Approach to Character Design
First of all, I freely admit that what I say isn't gospel. I am a total amatuer at art and writing. I've learned everything that I know via the internet and a few drawing books. It's just that I appreciate all of the tutorials here on dA that have helped me out, and I want to put a little bit of my own methods back in.
If you were to look at my (currently small) gallery, you'd notice something: all of my character designs are done on a white or simple gradient background. Everyone is wearing a plain t-shirt and the same pants and shoes. Most don't even get the luxury of a full body shot. It can be pretty boring.
Why Do That?
Unlikely though it may seem, this is one of the key parts of my character design. I can't design a character all in one go, it takes quite a few drawings to cobble a rough draft together. By keeping the clothes and background bland, I don't have to worry about them at all. They're just placeholders. By doing this, I can focus solely on one part, u
:iconwonhitwonder:WonHitWonder 122 17
Character Design Tutorial
[New section!] Over-mirroring aka sticking too much in patterns of the original series!

At first: No costume can save a badly made character. Your Average Joe/Jane character won't become any more interesting even if you make him/her to wear turquoise hair and odd-colored neon-color eyes. What makes character interesting is his/her INNER SIDE: his/her personality, history, skills, behavior pattern, odd traits, running gags, simply WHAT (S)HE IS. A rye bread doesn't become into a cream cake even if you put on it whipped cream and strawberries.
However, a good design may help the reader/viewer to notice, tell apart and remember the character more easily. That's why all Naruto characters are not sporting black hair and wearing those green tactical vests: if all character seemed almost similar, it would be pain for the reader to tell who of th
:iconnuttynuti:NuttyNuti 645 63
How to Avoid Creating a Mary Sue Tutorial
While reading manymanymany fan fictions and original stories with varying levels, it popped into my mind a few tricks to decrease the Mary Sue aspects from characters. I've sorted the tricks to different categories, hope they are useful! The categories are,
- What is a Mary Sue anyway? And why people create them?
- Before creating him/her, aka General attitude
- When creating him/her
- When writing about him/her
- Notes about fan characters
- Notes about original characters
- Links to other Anti Mary Sue tutorials
Most the tricks I've mentioned in this guide are good to remember all the time. However, the tricks I've marked with a star symbol (*) are optional, kind of extra tricks. I use quite harsh examples in the guide to make stuff clear, but remember that the flaws that are smaller than the ones that I mentioned can be bad, too!
On the other hand: Generally, NONE of mentioned flaws are ABSOLUTELY bad, so you don't necessarily have to throw your character into recycling bin or
:iconnuttynuti:NuttyNuti 514 370
.:Character Design:.
~How They Look~
• CHARACTER: The first and most important tip of designing your character’s look is to know who they are! Know their personality, interests, and preferences so that you can idea of what to wear. Pick something that looks cool but wouldn’t contradict who they are. For your main drawings of them, design outfits that you feel they are likely to wear.
• BODY: Pick an outfit that looks good for their figure or maybe even a little awkward if that's how you want them to be seen. Some people have builds that make it difficult to find clothes and a lot of people don't look good in certain outfit types. Keep this in mind to either avoid said outfits for certain builds or draw them in it and have it look a bit weird. It’s realistic. People will either avoid certain styles that don't look good on them or wear it and be unaware or not care. BUT it’s not going to suddenly look good on them, and I feel that cartoonists often make this mistake due to
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 99 12
Hello Neighbor by SuperFlameKitty Hello Neighbor :iconsuperflamekitty:SuperFlameKitty 28 4
I am going to start off saying that I do not give a flying fuck if you are offended by  my review. My review is the quality of the work and how it fits with the narrative as a whole, it is NOT soley being bashed BECAUSE of the fetish. Because believe me, if the author used the same basic premise but only with their own characters, then I would'nt be  making this review...
So, you may be asking, what is this about anyways?
Well, this fetish fanfic titled ''Temptation is a Gluttonous Thing'' envolves SCP 049, a homicedal Plague Doctor detailed in the SCP Foundation wiki and website with his own personal file, with the SCP foundation being about a foundation which secures and  contains monsters and anomlies to horrifying for this world to comprehend...
So, HP LoveCraft's epherial beigns only contained by a shady classic men and black organization...
Each SCP has it's own file describing who they are, what they are, their properties, their class (Euclied, abnormal, caustious
:icondrawinggirl4:DrawingGirl4 2 7
What's The Use of Feeling Blue? by maduva What's The Use of Feeling Blue? :iconmaduva:maduva 584 29 Chaos Industry [Art Request] by SuperFlameKitty Chaos Industry [Art Request] :iconsuperflamekitty:SuperFlameKitty 8 32
Hetalia OC help master-post
((EDIT: Now with character qualities and character flaw charts under 'Personality!' Check it out, it'll help the building of your character's personalities! ALSO- added a guide for OC's who have skirts!))
A semi-tutorial on how to get started or improve upon a Hetalia OC. Includes (in no particular order):
Lists of countries AND micro-nations
Reasons for not giving an OC a disorder
Appearance tips.
Color coding/scheme tips.
History format tips.
Personality tips.
Relationship tips.
Lets get started! Keep in mind that this is a combination of some prior guide journals and new, added tips!
So you want to make a Hetalia  OC?
That's good! Lets pick a country first, yeah? Then we can get to work on the aspects and history.
)List of African Countries
:iconprateh-kampuchea:Prateh-Kampuchea 76 53
--+ EXPRESSIONS TUTORIAL by TeaDino --+ EXPRESSIONS TUTORIAL :iconteadino:TeaDino 5,728 387 Expression tutorial by shingworks Expression tutorial :iconshingworks:shingworks 31,076 1,749 Alice the Human Sacrifice: REMAKE by SuperFlameKitty Alice the Human Sacrifice: REMAKE :iconsuperflamekitty:SuperFlameKitty 14 19
Goretober 2016
So, I've decided to go through with Goretober this year (if you hadn't noticed before, I did Inktober last year, which was pretty fun and I mutilated a book)
These are the things I'm going to do, in random order:
 Amputation/Limb loss
 Piercings/Body Mod
 Stitches/Self Admistered Medical Help
 Lacerations Crystals Skeletons/Bones/Bones Showing
 Surreal Gore
 Painful Transformation
 Bruises/Beat Up/After A Fight
 Eye Trauma
 Sliced Open Gut/Bisections/Gut spilling
 Broken Bones
 Electrocution/Electric Shock
 Scarification/Scars/Unintended Scars/Ritual Wounds
 Burns/Burning/On Fire  
 Body Horror/Extra Body Parts/Misshapen Body Parts
 Evil Possession/Distorted Bodies/Corruption
 Blood Bath/”After Murder”
 Mouth Trauma Ge
:iconparenthesisgrey:parenthesisgrey 5 14
True Creep [Art Request] by SuperFlameKitty True Creep [Art Request] :iconsuperflamekitty:SuperFlameKitty 6 44 The Producer by SuperFlameKitty The Producer :iconsuperflamekitty:SuperFlameKitty 10 13



Slightly disappointed at the lack of GOI Hub translation on CN wiki.

Thus I've taken on the Black Queen Hub. 2/3 done. Maybe ORIA next? Or Herman Fu-uh, maybe not, the format and photo edit are too much for me to handle.

.....Good to know that another translator is working on CI Hub, though.
I'm kinda overwhelmed with the amount of wikidot grammar involved in Oneiroi Collective Hub.


Nine Alignments: GOI Balls Edition
Lawful Good: UIU

Neutral Good: Manna Charitable Foundation

Chaotic Good: Serpent's Hand

Lawful Neutral: SCP Foundation

True Neutral: Nobody

Chaotic Neutral: AWCY?

Lawful Evil: Proto-Sarkicism

Neutral Evil: MC&D

Chaotic Evil: Chaos Insurgency

Feel the hell of bad image resolution.

I've seen one Alignment pic for GOIs on Tumblr, but don't think that it is accurate.

So I finally did this one, with crappily-doodled GOI Balls, which belongs to the great and powerful SunnyClockwork.

You can find its wiki page…



Golly gee.

I definitely can't do this alone.

And I'm not sure the translator group chat even have time for that much of works..... 
After I posted the Fifthist Hub translation, and my personnel file onto CN-wiki, my sandbox suddenly feels so empty......

Which means it is time to start more.
First and foremost: I'm putting Fifthism Hub onto SCP-CN wiki, and will translate all Fifth Church-related tales before that. Spreading one starfish love at a time, y'know?

Second: MTF-Gamma-13, the Anderson Robotic tale series had been my favorite for a long time, and it had a total of, like, 13-14 tales? That's about the length of Old Kansas Sector in Rat's Nest canon. Oh, and there is only four AR skips that had been translated, not to mention its connections to Third Law.

Gah. It is probably going to be another group collaboration in the translator chatroom, like OKS and Kalinin's 001 proposal.

Third: Serpent's Hand GOI format. With one additional Tale.

Fourth: Two Alexylva tales, one UIU GOI format. Any Fifthism skips left on the wiki at this point.

Fifth: Unfortunately, despite this number, it was not starfish-related stuffs, but Agent Navarro's backstory. You know, since he was involved in Gamma-13 series, maybe I/we should do it before or after Gamma-13.....But I figure that it would probably be summer vacation then.

My Current progress:

I finished translating the Constellation Starfish series in February, and have converted the Fifthism Hub translation into Wikidot format. There is just this one slight problem with the grammar, but I'm currently seeking help.

Also, I did another translation of a short Fifthism tale in the previous two days, together with SCP-2678, the Marvelous Starfish Vore article. Both are sent onto CN wiki, plus one additional Fifthism tale on old CN forum that I moved over to Wikidot.

Edit: I PUT FIFTHISM HUB ONTO CN-WIKI! Oh, and another short featured tale, not Fifth-related though.


Ying-silverfish's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm Ryin. Ryin the annoying silverfish who loves to rant, draw and translate. And I'm a huge SCP Foundation fan.

I just doodled lots of GOI personifications with my crappy digital art skill and style. Yeah.

I write tutorials but have a rather sloppy grasp on grammar, since English is not my native language and despite the fact that I can communicate and write in it, I'm still not familiar with its various nuances.

I'm a mundane translator for Foundation CN, and rather slack on the job. This might change in the future......might.

You can find me on, where I go by the name of Ryin-silverfish.


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PrennCooder Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for faving one of my guides :D (Big Grin) I really appreciate it! I hope its helped you in some way. 
If you watch me you'll see that I have tons of other guides coming too! There are many already in my gallery, which I hope you'll check out. 
Here is the folder with them if you want to see them:…
Thanks again :D (Big Grin)
SuperFlameKitty Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Pssst- I have an idea.
A horrible, horrible idea that will probably set '682 on us.
Wanna do an art trade?
Ying-silverfish Featured By Owner Edited Feb 19, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So, what should we draw?
SuperFlameKitty Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
I suppose.
You choose, m8.
Ying-silverfish Featured By Owner Edited Feb 23, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How about a full reference picture in which SH finally shows their face and costume?

or, uh, a Nalka personification.
I kinda want to see it, though you will probably refuse

Alright, decide what I should draw in return:)
(1 Reply)
DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
I thought of another idea

What if the Skips, Bill, Bill's followers, Doc and Benna have a party with the main music being you re-posted in the wrong neighborhood and pink season
Ying-silverfish Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
......I'm sorry, but I have not heard of these songs before?

Mainly because my music taste is weird.
DrawingGirl4 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Filmographer
What if all the SCPS don't believe Bill is their real father so Bill makes a scientific game show with them to prove it
Ying-silverfish Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
2030, Laughing-is-fun style?
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